Unique and refreshing! Unlike other shows, Let’s Kick It with the Joneses is about a real Black everyday middle-class American family discussing issues in a talk show format. Verdel and Jeremiah Jones, who have been married for over 30 years, along with their two grown-ish children,

Miya and Marcus, discuss a myriad of topics.

From family and entertainment to relationships and love, they cover it all.

For all of the media platforms they can be seen on - go to www.ruderangers.com

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Meet The Family

Father and Husband

Jeremiah Jones

Navy veteran, music lover, and longtime Altice USA employee. Favorite quote, “I can’t believe what you say, because I see what you do.” - James Baldwin Watch the hilarious patriarch on #LKIWTJ.

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Jeremiah Jones

Mother and Wife

Verdel Jones

Educator for over 25 years, Oprah and HGTV lover. Favorite quote, “When you learn teach. When you get give.” - Maya Angelou. Catch the lovable matriarch and wine enthusiast on #LKIWTJ.

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Verdel Jones

Son and Brother

Marcus Jones

Emerson College alum, Marvel Connoisseur, News 12 Long Island Editor.  Favorite quote, “Don’t panic.” - Douglas Adams. Check out the nerdy, yet cool movie expert on #LKIWTJ.



Marcus Jones

Daughter and Sister

Miya Jones

Temple University alum, journalist and Law and Order SVU expert. Favorite quote, “The best things in life are free.”‬ - Coco Chanel. ‪Check out the youngest no nonsense writer on #LKIWJ.



Miya Jones

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